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Convenience Stores

It starts with the floor mat rental service. For your high-traffic, wet areas, we suggest the Waterhog Plus Floor Mat. Its high rubber borders means water won’t leak from the mat. In addition, its deep crevices allow salt and dirt to stay hidden. We also provide towels, aprons, wet mops and dust mops — everything you need to keep your store looking great! There’s no contract locking you in, no annual price increases, no loss charges or inventory billing on towels and aprons. Just great, simple service. Isn’t that all you need?


Restaurants utilize our mat rental service, logo mats, towels, aprons, cook shirts, wet mops, dust mops, table linens, soap, and paper products. Unlike the National companies, our service is based on your usage, not inventory. So your billings are lower and we give you plenty of flexibility in making changes from week to week. No worries about your prices, as we don’t have annual price increases so you can budget your costs easily.

Mid City Services gets it. Linen supply is not something you want to spend time on, or worry about. It should be affordable, understandable, and require very little oversight…

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Cafés and Coffee Shops

Our coffee shops utilize our floor mats, logo mats, towels, aprons, wet mops, dust mops, soap, and paper products. Coffee shops are often owner operated. As an owner, you don’t have time to have your lawyer read a linen contract from one of the national companies. You don’t have time to meet with your linen service provider so they can “explain” your service fees, charges, inventory billing, and loss billing on their invoices. You have better things to do. Mid City Services gets it.

You can review our testimonials and find out why coffee shops across the metro are switching to our service. Better yet, call us. We’ll give you a list of coffee shops that have switched to us for ease of service, no contracts, and no loss or inventory billing. Our invoices are readable, and you can actually understand what you’re paying for. We never lock you into a contract. You’re free to change service at anytime.

Office Buildings

Office buildings use our wet mops, dust mops, soap and paper service. Building owners and property managers love the simplicity of our service. There are no contracts. Seasonal flexibility in mat quantity and service frequency means you get the right amount of mats for the season with enough service flexibility to keep your costs low in summer. Best of all, with no automatic price increases you don’t have to spend your valuable time watching your invoices.

Banks and Credit Unions

Many of our banks use our wet mops and dust mops, soap and paper products. This is an area of specialty for us as we customize a floor mat program to meet your needs. Using logo mats, Waterhog plus mats, scraper mats, and traditional mats, we can customize a mat rental service program to meet your needs. There are no contracts. Seasonal flexibility in mat quantity and service frequency means you get the right amount of mats for the season, with service flexibility to keep your costs low in summer.

Churches and Synagogues

Places of worship are a specialty for us. We offer flexibility on service frequency — weekly, every other week, and every four weeks. We offer flexibility with regard to quantity and mat sizes. We offer specialty mats for high traffic on bad weather days. And you’re never locked into anything, since we never ask for a contract. We can even customize a program of specialty mat types (including logo mats) for your needs. We also carry the wet mops and dust mops you need to keep your building clean.


Loyalty is a one-way street with the national linen companies. Perhaps you’ve been with your current supplier for 10 plus years. Sometimes we’ve been told as long as 40 years. Business owners think their loyalty is being rewarded; but sadly it’s not. Over the many years, they incur annual price increases, inventory charges, loss billing charges, and other service charges. You end up paying more for your linen service than your linen company’s NEW customers, because national linen companies give their best prices to them! And wait until you try to leave. They will come up with a contract you signed, or worse yet, offer to “match” the price you get from a competitor. Match the price? That means they’re now agreeing that they’ve been overbilling you all this time!

Mid City Services does bars right. One price for all, and there are no inventory or loss charges. We give you an invoice you can read and understand. There are no annual price increases, no gimmicks and no games. We carry all the products you need, or we refer you to someone who can provide certain direct sale products even more cheaply than we can. We don’t charge extra for bags, bag stands, mop handles or frames. It’s just not right. There is a better way to be serviced, and with no contracts!

Local Governments

Perhaps you don’t want contracts or the headaches that come with managing floor mats and other items with multiple locations within your city. The “lowest price” does not mean the lowest cost. We make it easy to manage PO’s at multiple buildings, as well as service frequency and mat quantity changes due to seasonality. Keeping prices steady so budgets stay in line are not a problem with us. You won’t need to watch your invoices for price increases or other charges. Ask us about the cities we service, and what they say about us!

Apartment Buildings and Condos

Are your mats being changed? Are you paying for it? Sadly, many of the national companies have commissioned drivers. It’s in their interest to sell the price increases and service as many locations as possible. That means that service sometimes gets missed. At Mid City Services our service representatives are paid hourly, ensuring that they have a mutual self interest in completing your job with accuracy. We never ask you for a contract. We never lock you into our service.

Our customers stay with us because they like our superior floor mats, the ease of adding and subtracting mats, changing service frequencies, and no annual price increases which enable you to stay on budget. We’re easy to do business with — one of the many reasons why we have repeat business year and after year without a contract!

What Our Clients Say About Us

Mid City Services has been a pleasure to work with from the very beginning, and the staff is always kind and helpful. We chose Mid City Services because of excellent pricing, the ability to change our service schedule as needed and the option to order custom mats with our logo on them. The logo mats turned out beautiful and really make an impression when you walk through the door. I would highly recommend Mid City — you won’t be disappointed!
— Quantronic's
Mid City Services provided us with the floor mat solutions we needed and also provided us cost control we could rely on. Our prices have not changed for six years!
— Ahman & Martin Insurance
We left Aramark for Mid City Services three years ago. Mid City was almost half the price. Since then, their prices have not changed and their service and quality are superior. I really like the no contract approach because it makes for a real partnership. Having the same friendly drivers is also a nice plus.
— Old Log Cabin
Mid City Services, Inc. has serviced Premier Bank Maplewood with mats for approximately 10 years. The mats have been replaced monthly without fail. The mats are always clean and in good shape. Thank you for the great service!
— Premier Banks
We have used Mid City Services for over 6 years. We really liked that they were willing to service us without a contract. We have yet to have a price increase in that time! They do what they say!
— Class C Components