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The MCS Difference is:

  • No Contracts

  • No Inventory Billing

  • No Loss Charges

  • No Automatic Price Increases

  • Fair and Honest Pricing with the Best Products Available

National Commercial Laundry Companies

When working with National commercial linen companies, you could end up signing a contract for as much as 7 years. These contracts often auto renew, which means if you’re not watching it, your commercial linen company could lock you into a new deal without you even knowing.

Mid City Services Difference

We never ask for a contract. You can quit anytime.

National Commercial Laundry Companies

To entice you to sign their contract and lock you in, they offer a super low price. The price seems good at first glance, but it comes with a high cost. Don’t be surprised to find unexpected price increases and hidden fees.

Mid City Services Difference

We offer one simple price. There are no regular price hikes or hidden fees. Unlike the National commercial laundry companies, we do not deceive you with any of the following common practices:
At Mid City Services, we bill you for exactly what we deliver. You pay for only what you need. Can you hear that? CaChing — savings!

Inventory Minimums

National companies don’t necessarily bill you for what they deliver, they bill based upon the Inventory, that’s why your billing quantity doesn’t change from week to week even though your usage does!

Inventory Maintenance

Commercial laundry service companies will often bill you for lost merchandise after each delivery, whether you truly did lose anything or not.

At Mid City Services we don’t bill for lost merchandise. It’s figured into our straightforward rental price. This means you won’t see any nasty and unsuspected charges on your bill.

Damage/Ruin Billing

Providers often charge customers for damage they did not do.

Mid City Services doesn’t throw in these surprising and unfair charges. You’re already covered for damaged and ruined items with our simple straightforward price. No gimmicks, no games, no finger pointing. We’re your partner in business!

Price Increases

Other companies will offer low rates, but they’re only introductory. Those prices can increase even within the same year, and more than just once.
We rarely increase our price. In fact, we’ve only increased our price one time in the last five years. We don’t play with your pricing like the other guys.

Avoid these hidden costs and more with our free guide, “5 Deceptive Billing Practices of National Laundries.” It only takes a few minutes to read, and it’ll save you lots of money and pain.

To learn more about our services, contact us online and receive a free consultation along with our guide, “5 Deceptive Billing Practices of National Laundries.” to help you make a decision you’ll be happy with. Or, give us a call at 763-424-5554.