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St. Paul Linen Service & Mat Rental

Running a business isn’t easy. With the demands of staff, customers, inventory and maintenance, it’s already overwhelming for managers and owners. You don’t need another hassle to worry about like restaurant linen service. Unfortunately, large linen services prey on managers because of their large workloads. They offer complicated contracts with many clauses and stipulations meant to confuse you into signing without knowing the real cost of doing business.

We hate playing these tricks so much we don’t even require contracts. Each month, you get to choose if we will be the company that services your restaurant linen needs. So get quality service that doesn’t lock you in. Go with St. Paul’s top restaurant linen service.

Case Study: What A St. Paul Restaurant Needs

St. Paul’s an old and beautiful city, filled with neat shops, stores, parks and cafes. Just a little ways from downtown, there’s an excellent place to check out, Café Late. The people there are great. They not only serve delicious treats with coffee and wine, they do it responsibly. They compost their materials, and as enthusiastic recyclers, they keep a scrupulous eye on waste.


Café Latte had experience with St. Paul’s big restaurant linen service providers. Within the contract of the big linen providers were so many hidden fees, so many traps and inexplicable price hikes. It caused them headaches. They wanted a way out.

Honest Service

Running a busy establishment isn’t easy. It’s even worse when dealing with deceitful vendors. That’s why the owners turned to a restaurant linen service they could trust. We offered them a straightforward price, and we didn’t lock them into a contract. They had the option to leave anytime they liked.

Where Are They Today?

Café Latte is still thriving in St. Paul, only now the owners don’t have to deal with the erratic price changes of their previous St. Paul restaurant linen service.  They’re still with us today.

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