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Restaurant Linen Service

Utilize floor mats, logo mats, towels, aprons, cook shirts, wet mops, dust mops, table linens, soap, and paper products with our restaurant linen service. Unlike the National companies, our service is based on your usage, not inventory. So your billings are lower and we give you plenty of flexibility in making changes from week to week. No worries about your prices, as we don’t have annual price increases so you can budget your costs easily.

We Understand Our Customer’s Needs

Your restaurant linen service isn’t something you want to spend time on, or worry about. It should be affordable, understandable, and require very little oversight. Most restaurant owners have come to dislike the linen supply business. It’s a non-productive cost from which they receive no revenue. As an owner, you wish you could rid yourself of the escalating costs and headaches. Almost anything is better than having to work with your linen company to keep your costs in line. Try to read their invoices — good luck!

National Linen Companies pride themselves on confusing you so you can’t read or understand your billing — this is intentional. So you’re stuck in a contract. Your prices and other charges are escalating. You can’t read your invoice, and the last thing you want to do is call your linen provider for a sit-down meeting to discuss your concerns.

Restaurant Linen Service Minneapolis

It Gets Better…

Or worse — depending on how you look at it. You’ll get a price from a competitor, and it’s a lot lower than what you’re currently paying since you’ve received multiple increases over the years. You tell your current linen supplier you’re leaving them for a better price — THEY NOW OFFER TO MATCH THE PRICE YOU RECEIVE. So, let’s get this straight. They agree they’ve been overcharging. So, they now offer to lower the price only when someone offers you a better deal. And then, they ask for a contract extension for lowering the prices. The game starts all over!

Isn’t it about time to call Mid City Services?

With our restaurant linen service we never ask for a contract, we don’t have annual price increases, and our billing is so simple a five-year old could read and understand it. No loss billing, no inventory charges. Is there a catch? None! Just take a look at the references we’ve received from restaurants we’ve won over from the competition. Listen to them, not us!

What Our Clients Say About Us

Mid City Services has been a pleasure to work with from the very beginning, and the staff is always kind and helpful. We chose Mid City Services because of excellent pricing, the ability to change our service schedule as needed and the option to order custom mats with our logo on them. The logo mats turned out beautiful and really make an impression when you walk through the door. I would highly recommend Mid City — you won’t be disappointed!
— Quantronic's
Mid City Services provided us with the floor mat solutions we needed and also provided us cost control we could rely on. Our prices have not changed for six years!
— Ahman & Martin Insurance
We left Aramark for Mid City Services three years ago. Mid City was almost half the price. Since then, their prices have not changed and their service and quality are superior. I really like the no contract approach because it makes for a real partnership. Having the same friendly drivers is also a nice plus.
— Old Log Cabin
Mid City Services, Inc. has serviced Premier Bank Maplewood with mats for approximately 10 years. The mats have been replaced monthly without fail. The mats are always clean and in good shape. Thank you for the great service!
— Premier Banks
We have used Mid City Services for over 6 years. We really liked that they were willing to service us without a contract. We have yet to have a price increase in that time! They do what they say!
— Class C Components