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Floor Mat Services – Indoor Mats

You have an entire organization to manage. That’s why you can’t be weighed down by the complexities of your floor mat service. Make it easy with our hassle free service and get top-notch floor mats.

  • Regular Floor Mats

    Nitrile rubber mats with heat twisted nylon yarns provides the very best in dust control and appearance. Our floor mats have heavier rubber and more yarn than most competitors’ mats. We constantly upgrade our quality.
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  • Logo Mats

    Now offering HD quality logo mats. There is no cost for sample images of what your logo would look like on a mat. Competitors may offer you logo mats at no additional charge, then they raise your rental price until you have paid for the logo mat two to three times in a three year period. With Mid City, you purchase the mats up front, which reduces your cost going forward.
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  • Anti-Fatigue Mats

    These mats come in many shapes and sizes, most for direct sell. However, we do offer the comfort flow mat for rental or lease. Kitchens are big users of these items but many other industries use them as well.
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  • Water Hog Plus Mats

    Only a couple of mat providers offer this outstanding mat. It’s heavier and won’t move even with a two wheeler running over it. It holds more soil and water than any other rental mat on the market.
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  • Brush Mats

    For heavy duty operations the Brush mat is our regular mat with plastic bristles woven in for the very best in scraping action. This product is ideal at the front entrance of busy facilities.
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Outdoor Mats

Outdoor mats used to be non-existent.  Now you see them everywhere, for good reason. The more soil and moisture you keep out of your building the less you have to deal with inside! Now they have even evolved into marketing your brand with HD quality logos that hold their color over time!  Ask us about your mat rental service options.

  • Scraper Mats

    An all rubber mat that can handle summer/winter conditions catches the moisture and soil BEFORE it comes into your business. Isn’t that the best place to catch it?
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  • Logo Scraper Mats

    Want your customers to see your logo in HD before they enter your business? The Logo Scraper Mat is Ideal to market your brand and prevent moisture and soil from entering your business!
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Specialty Mats

We utilize Mountville Mills (manufacturer) for all our matting. Go online at or to browse additional products.

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Who We Serve

Mid City Services is a business-to-business provider. We service any and all businesses with floor mats, scraper mats, logo mats, towels, aprons, linens, wet mops, dust mops, cloth roll towels, and more.


What Our Clients Say About Us

Mid City Services has been a pleasure to work with from the very beginning, and the staff is always kind and helpful. We chose Mid City Services because of excellent pricing, the ability to change our service schedule as needed and the option to order custom mats with our logo on them. The logo mats turned out beautiful and really make an impression when you walk through the door. I would highly recommend Mid City — you won’t be disappointed!
— Quantronic's
Mid City Services provided us with the floor mat solutions we needed and also provided us cost control we could rely on. Our prices have not changed for six years!
— Ahman & Martin Insurance
We left Aramark for Mid City Services three years ago. Mid City was almost half the price. Since then, their prices have not changed and their service and quality are superior. I really like the no contract approach because it makes for a real partnership. Having the same friendly drivers is also a nice plus.
— Old Log Cabin
Mid City Services, Inc. has serviced Premier Bank Maplewood with mats for approximately 10 years. The mats have been replaced monthly without fail. The mats are always clean and in good shape. Thank you for the great service!
— Premier Banks
We have used Mid City Services for over 6 years. We really liked that they were willing to service us without a contract. We have yet to have a price increase in that time! They do what they say!
— Class C Components