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New Hope Linen & Mat Service

Mid City Services is no stranger to the New Hope restaurant scene. We service a number of establishments with our restaurant linen service. Restaurant owners and managers come to us time and again for our hassle-free, reliable service. Discover how you can enjoy this service.
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Case Study: New Hope Restaurant Linen Service

Jeff Nat, owner of Fat Nat’s Restaurants, told us: “I have three restaurants, one each in Brooklyn Park, New Hope, and St. Anthony, I just want to find a linen supplier that takes care of what I need. I expect you to make a profit, I just don’t want to be taken advantage of. I don’t want to watch my billing every week, I don’t have the time!”

Jeff owns an awesome breakfast and lunch restaurant that devotes a third of their menu to Hollandaise items! Jeff is a gregarious fellow that has taken some lumps from some of the linen companies that have served him in the past. Most recently he was locked into a contract with poor service, over charges and confusing billing.

The Savings Were Tremendous

When we sat down with Jeff and asked him what he needed, he told us exactly what each store needed and used. We went through the quantities and items for each store. We gave him a price on the spot for what it would cost. The savings for him were tremendous. More importantly to Jeff, he could get back to running a restaurant and not worry about his linen billing. Jeff commented: “Seriously, I don’t have to sign a contract? This is sounding better and better!”

We have been serving Jeff for the past two years, and in that time there has not been a price increase, and his usages and costs remain unchanged. His billing is consistent, there are no surprises, and his service has been excellent. Stop in and ask Jeff yourself, and order the Fat Nats Slider, a favorite of ours.

““Mid City Services is great — the best! No billing worries no service worries — what’s not to love? National companies come in with a lot lower pricing, but they make you sign a contract, then they add on extra charges and price increases. Who has time for that stuff! Mid City Services does it right, no contracts, almost never a price increase, great products and great service.”

Fat Nat's