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Minneapolis Restaurant Linen Service

Mid City Services provides restaurant linen service throughout the city of Minneapolis. In fact, we’re the go-to resource for many restaurants in the city. Why? Because we offer simple pricing and honest, quality service. Discover how you can enjoy hassle-free service.

Case Study: Minneapolis Restaurant

Uptown Minneapolis is a great place, for shops, restaurants, and in this client’s case, pubs. For over fifteen years, this client has brewed award winning beer and food to go with it. Focused on delivering great experiences to their clients, their restaurant linen provider was something they weren’t able to devote a large amount of time towards.

The Old Restaurant Linen Service

Knowing brew pubs like this client could benefit from our services, I decided to meet with the owner, who was nice enough to give me some of his time. We discussed his current restaurant linen service, AmeriPride, whose numerous fees really bit into their profits. Having worked for a large provider myself, I was aware of all the little tricks — deceptive fees, random price increases, automatically renewing contracts — they did to make prices seem great.

A Better Option

I pointed out a better pricing structure, one I decided to base my company around after leaving the large restaurant linen service and their dishonest practices years ago. The owner agreed to give our service a try. After all, it was risk free. Mid City Services doesn’t lock their clients in with contracts. They can leave anytime they like. We retain our customers through great service.

The Results

We saved the pub’s owner 40% on their restaurant linen service bills. They instantly appreciated our simple, straightforward pricing structure, and they’ve stuck with us since, without a contract.

Learn more about how our honest business approach and simple pricing structures can benefit you. Check out how we deliver restaurant linen services to find out more.