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Brooklyn Park Mat Rental & Linen Service

Because Maple Grove is our home, we do a lot of work with our neighboring city, Brooklyn Park. Whether it’s commercial linen service or mat rental, we watch out for our neighbors by giving honest service at a price they can afford. Check out our services to learn more.

Case Study: The Right Mat Rental Company

Quantronic is a growing manufacturing company operating in Brooklyn Park. For some time, they took care of their floor mats in house. As they grew, this became difficult. It was time to hire a mat rental company. In their mat rental company, they were looking for a few traits: flexible service schedules, great pricing and custom logo mat options.

What They Found

Unfortunately many mat rental companies require lengthy contracts that aren’t as clear as one would like them to be. Eventually, they found us. We offered everything they were looking for and did it without locking them into a contract.

Focusing On What Matters

Quantronic is still growing. Lucky for them, they don’t need to worry about their floor mats anymore. They get serviced regularly, and they’re happy with the way their new logo mat turned out. They can focus on manufacturing solutions for aerospace, communications, medical and more.

“Mid City Services has been a pleasure to work with from the very beginning and the staff is always kind and helpful. We chose Mid City Services because of excellent pricing, the ability to change our service schedule as needed and the option to order custom mats with our logo on them. The Logo mats turned out beautiful and really make an impression when you walk through the door. I would highly recommend Mid City — you won’t be disappointed!”

Quantronic Manager