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Bloomington Linen Service & Mat Rental

Wherever you are located in Bloomington, Mid City Services is there for you. Enjoy freedom from contracts — we believe in earning your business every month. Receive quality service and escape the misleading tricks our competitors play. Learn More about Our Commercial Service

Case Study: Bloomington Floor Mat Rental

Masterson staffing solutions has a lot of traffic going in and out of their door. Each year, they place over 19,000 employees in positions across a wide-spectrum of jobs. This is great for business and for their clients, but hard on the rugs. In Minnesota, snow, dirt, snirt (mixture of snow and dirt), salt, sand and mud all make their way into buildings. Where does most of that junk end up? On the floor mat.


Using Mid City Services’ commercial linen services, Masterson was able to keep their floor mats clean throughout the year. On a regular basis, we take their mats and replace them with clean ones, making sure their facility stays clean for professional job seekers.

Honest Service

For our rental floor mat service, there are no contracts. This allowed Masterson to continue focusing on providing great job placements for their clients. They didn’t have to worry about the tricks that commercial linen services play on their customers. They got great service without being locked in.

“They have great customer service, their delivery guys are prompt and courteous, and their rugs are the best!”

Masterson Staffing Manager