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Andover Linen Service & Mat Rental

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Andover Linen Service

Andover – as cities go – is relatively new, established in 1974, in Anoka County. This is a growing and vibrant community that is already over 40,000 people. Before becoming a city, Andover was once a stop on the Great Northern Railway – America’s only private funded transcontinental railway in the 19th century.

Where the name Andover came from is not certain. Some say it’s tied to a train derailment in the 1800’s when a witness was heard to say, “and the train rolled over, and over and over.”  What is certain? Mid City Services’ commitment to this growing city.

Mid City services many retail, banking, and service industries in this burgeoning city, and it’s a large part of our growth plan going forward.

Discover how we can provide you quality mat rental and linen service. Check out our no contract approach and our straightforward, simple pricing.